Leadership Development

Leadership is probably the most crucial and visible talent in an organization.  Pemberton Coaching focuses on developing leaders. Working with individuals or teams, we help leaders gain awareness of their capabilities and of the leadership practices which might improve their effectiveness.

Leadership Coaching

Pemberton Coaching focuses on coaching for senior executives, high potentials, and executives in transition. This involves one-on-one confidential discussions. We use an assessment process to explore the leader’s competencies and behaviors and identify those that need strengthening. The coaching provides each client opportunity to safely reflect on his or her behaviors and their impact, and then support for taking action in any areas that need to be changed.

Coaching engagements can be contracted for 3, 6, or 12 months or can be designed according to a custom schedule to accommodate other development programs or organizational needs. Pemberton Coaching works closely with a business head or Human Resources representative to ensure that coaching interventions directly tie to organizational objectives. We establish guidelines for confidentiality with the executive and ways to measure and report out on progress.

Leadership Training

Group leadership development can take the form of training. Pemberton Coaching designs and delivers custom programs to increase and sustain leadership competencies. Training programs can include assessments, coaching, peer coaching, mentoring, or other development mechanisms, as well as face-to-face or virtual live sessions. We work with organizations to assure that the program aligns with leadership competencies, and organizational culture and goals. Programs can be day-long, week-long, monthly, in-person, or virtual.

Pemberton Coaching sessions are interactive, not lecture. They feature proven activities that encourage learning, build participant relationships, and sustain behavior change. We develop stand-alone programs or curricula that include third-party simulations, cases or online learning.


Guiding team process is an important opportunity to affect organizational results, whether the team has a decision to make, a project to execute or strategy to develop. Pemberton Coaching works with teams and team leaders to assure that the team process is efficient and effective. We serve as facilitator in team meetings to guide team process and allow the team leader to be a full participant in the team’s activities. Or we can coach the team leader to facilitate effectively.

Facilitation works to bring the best out of every team, to leverage the strengths of each team member, to keep channels of communication open, and to stay true to the team’s objectives.