Client Stories

Here is a small sample of client engagements.

Integrated Leadership Training

For a medium-sized pharmaceuticals company, Susan created a program to train managers as coaches. The formal training program included 360-degree feedback against a customized coaching model, video-recorded practice and feedback, and development planning. Each participant received one-on-one coaching to define and execute development goals.

For a diversified global company, Susan developed and facilitated an innovative week-long leadership program for the company’s top 850 global leaders, teaching them to assess their leadership strengths, coach each other, and cascade the coaching within the organization. The program was wrapped around a competitive business simulation exercise (provided by a partner organization). Participants worked in teams for the business simulation and were guided in capturing learning and providing each other feedback. The organization then selected a small group of leaders to participate in a follow-up, year-long program in leadership and innovation, tied to succession planning.

For a global products company, Susan designed and developed their first leadership development program including 360-degree feedback, mentoring, and multiple customized modules of leadership skills training.

Individual Executive Coaching

For a large financial services firm, Susan coached the Executive Vice President of Sales to become a better delegator. As a result, he was able to build his team and refocus his attention on the appropriate level of strategic matters. He also improved his time management and was able to spend more time with his family.

The COO of a prominent international company was having trouble leading his team to effective decision making. After individual coaching, he was better able to articulate his assumptions and to provide individual coaching and also guide the senior team in making decisions more effectively.

Individual coaching of a rising star in a private equity firm enabled him to build influence and ability to collaborate. His new skills resulted in his promotion to Managing Director where he could share his talent and energy more broadly.

A senior vice president was struggling with how to build alignment across a highly-siloed organization.  Coaching allowed her to see how her own communication style was interfering with her ability to be heard. Afterward, she was able to build credibility and organizational allegiance.

A talented and highly-experienced executive was stalled in his career advancement because of his poor relationship-building ability. 360-degree feedback and coaching enabled him to understand the adverse impact that his behaviors had on other people. He worked successfully to demonstrate more emotionally intelligent behaviors which conveyed the value he had for others. His relationships improved and so did his career.

The senior team of a small organization was experiencing growing pains. They benefited from individual and team work to clarify roles, set strategy, and understand each other’s communication styles.

Virtual Leadership Development

Susan works with numerous individuals and organizations virtually. Through webinars, teleconferences, video conference and other virtual means, Susan blends high touch and high tech in her work with individuals and teams.

A growing pharmaceutical company had a team of experienced and highly-credentialed scientists who needed to learn to manage other scientists. The blended program included webinar learning sessions, 360-degree feedback, and virtual and face-to-face coaching.